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NJF seminar 405
Production and Utilization of Crops for Energy
25-26 September 2007 Lithuania
There is an increasing demand for bioenergy crops, both in the energy sector, but increasingly also for fuel to the traffic sector. The demands on the crop production depends on the end-use of the energy. Possible energy crops include reed canary grass, miscanthus and willows for biomass for burning, grass, maize and manure for biogas, rapeseed for biodiesel and cereals etc. for ethanol production. There is a need to develop and improve the use of species and varieties suited for the various end uses, and the crop production should be developed for further minimising production costs. Each crop does have various ways for optimal utilization. By-products (e.g. protein) are important in ethanol and biodiesel production. Energy and CO2 balances in production are important both from economical and environmental point of view.
* choices of crops for energy production
* cultivation, harvesting and management of crops for energy
* various ways to utilize crops for fuel and energy
* energy and CO2 balance in production
* economical feasibility and implications fro agricultural production
Keynote speakers
* Head of Bioenergy Department Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, Aalborg University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Title: "Potential biomass production for the European energy sector. Target 20 percent renewable energy by 2020. How big share from suistainable biomass production? A critical review including environmental concerns and considerations between food, feed adn fuel supply"
* Director and Prof. Peter Weiland, Institute of Technology adn Biosystems Engineering, Department of Technology, Federal Agricultural Research Centre, Germany. Title:"Biogas from energy crops - Techno-scientific evaluation of the fast growing biogas market in Germany".
* Senior Adviser Birgitta Vainio-Mattila, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland: Title:"Various measures to achieve EU goal set for use of bioenergy with focus on field energy. Challenges for agricultura policy."
Target group
* researchers
* industry
* policy makers (agricultural, environmental, rural development, energy, research)
Call for papers and posters
Updated 5.9.2007: Please, sent your paper and poster abstract to the seminar secretary ASAP. Download the abstract template available at this web page, write your abstract and mail your file as attachment to the seminar secretary.
Travel information
Hotel Conti is situated in old city. It is very close to the city centre and have good connections to the airport. Make your hotel booking ASAP diretly to Conti-hotel: conference@contihotel.lt
Additional information
The seminar will be arranged in the Conti Hotel in Vilnius. The seminar will last two days. The tentatively planned excursion day on 27.9.2007 will not be arranged.
Seminar fee includes the two-day- seminarprogamme with lunches and seminar dinner. It does not include accommodation. Please, book your room directly to hotel Conti: conference@contihotel.lt. The "NJF" special rate is 75 euro for single and 93 euro for double standard room per night.

* Participants from the Baltic countries pay 75% of the ordinary fee.
* Ph.D. students: ask for a special rate.
Participation fee
NJF members before 2007-08-31: 230 EUR
NJF members after 2007-08-31: 280 EUR
Others before 2007-08-31: 340 EUR
Others after 2007-08-31: 410 EUR
Students before 2007-08-31: 230 EUR
Students after 2007-08-31: 280 EUR
Seminar location
The seminar will be held at Hotel Conti, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Important deadlines
- Submission of abstracts for oral presentations: 2007-08-31
- Submission of abstracts for poster presentations: 2007-08-31
- Notification of acceptance for oral and poster presentations: 2007-08-31
- Proposal for posters and papers: 2007-08-31
- Final registration: 2007-09-21
Organizing committee
Head of Department Kestutis Navickas (Chairman)
Dept of Agroenergetics,
Lithuanian University of Agriculture

Senior Scientist Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen
Biosystems Department,
Risø National Laboratory,
The Technical University of Denmark

Principal Research Scientist Katri Pahkala
Plant Production Research
MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Professor Hólmgeir Björnsson
Agricultural University of Iceland

Professor Theo Verwijst
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept of Crop Production Ecology

Research Leader Ragnar Eltun, Bioforsk Arable Crop Division, Norway

Associate Professor John Morken, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Vice Rector Andres Koppel
Estonian University of Life Sciences

Leading Scientist Livija Zarina, State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute, Latvia

Principal Research Scientist
Oiva Niemeläinen (Seminar Secretary)
Plant Production Research
MTT Agrifood Research Finland
Seminar contact
Oiva Niemeläinen, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Plant Production Research
MTT Planta,
31600 Jokioinen, Finland.
Phone: +358295317547
E-mail: oiva.niemelainen@mtt.fi

Seminar no. 405
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