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NJF seminar 372
Manure – an agronomic and environmental challenge
5-6 September 2005 Sweden
Manure has been one of the primary sources for plant fertilization since the first farmers walked on this planet. Still we don’t always know how to handle different kind of manure. Manure can be a very different product depending on the housing system and treatment systems, including separation, anaerobic and aerobic treatment. There are also aerobic and anaerobic processes involved in the stables (according to the housing systems), during the storage and spreading and also in the soil after the spreading. The different systems result in various environmental challenges, and during the last decades the environmental issue has come in focus. It’s therefore important to find the best system both for houses, treatment and application techniques for high yield effects but also avoiding losses of ammonia, greenhouse gasses, nitrate, contamination of pathogens both from houses, treatment plants, and fields
• Agronomic: Yield effects including long term effects, anaerobic processes and treatments, nitrogen dynamics in the soil, application techniques, quality of fodder, logistic costs, use of other wastes than manure.
• Environmental: Emissions of ammonia, greenhouse gasses and smell, aquatic losses (P and N), modelling.
Keynote speakers
For setting the scene three keynote speakers have been invited covering the agronomic and environmental aspects of manure management:
Lars Stoumann Jensen (Kungliga Veterinär o Landbohöjskolen, DK)
Tom Misselbrook (Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, UK)
Sven Sommer (Dansk Jordbrugs Forskning, DK)
Call for papers and posters
Guidelines for papers

Set margins to upper and lower margins of 2.5 cm, left margin 4 cm and right margin 2 cm. Set to justify left margins, as typed here. The paper should have the following structure and not exceed 4 pages:

Title of presentation (in Times Roman 14 pt bold)
Name of author(s) (in Times Roman 12 pt italics)
Address and affiliation of authors Telephone, fax and e-mail address of first author

Paper body text (in Times Roman 12 pt)

If there is more than one address for the authors, use sub-scripts to indicate who is from which institute. After the addresses miss two lines and then start the body of the paper. Do not indent the text at the start of a new paragraph.

In the text, a reference should be quoted by the author's name and date in brackets, in date order, e.g. (Smith, 1983; Jones & Jones, 1985; Smith, 1986a,b). Where there are three or more authors, the first name followed by et al. should be used. A list of references should be given at the end of the text listed in alphabetical order. Use the following style in the reference list:

Dabney, S.M., Breitenbeck, G.A., Griffin, J.L., Hoff, B.J. 1989. Subterranean clover cover crop used to increase rice yield. Agronomy Journal 81, 483-487.

Please send your contribution by e-mail no later than 15 August 2005 to:

Maria Stenberg
SLU, Division of precision agriculture
PO Box 234
SE-532 23 SKARA
+46 511 67274, +46 70 299 7274, +46 511 67134 (fax)
Additional information
The seminar fee is 2 000 SEK for members of NJF and 3 000 SEK for non-members. Accommodation and seminar dinner fee is additional 275 SEK for only dinner, 1 230 SEK in a single room with dinner and 950 SEK in double room with dinner. Pay the fees to NJF as below. Deadline for payments is 20 July, 1½ month before the seminar. The seminar fee is increased by 25 % after the deadline..
Seminar location
The seminar will be held at Skurup, , Sweden.
Organizing committee
Hans Nilsson, Jordbruksverket, Sweden, e-mail hans.nilsson@m.lst.se
John Morken, NLH, Norway, e-mail: john.morken@imt.nlh.no
Torkild Søndergaard Birkmose, Landscentret, Denmark, e-mail: TSB@landscentret.dk
Petri Kapuinen, MTT, Finland, e-mail : petri.kapuinen@mtt.fi
Rikharð Brynjolfsson, Iceland, e-mail: rikhard@hvanneyri.is
Maria Stenberg, SLU, Sweden, e-mail: maria.stenberg@mv.slu.se
Seminar contact
Hans Nilsson Sweden.
E-mail: hans.nilsson@m.lst.se

Seminar no. 372
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